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The Monastery Inn


We are open for lunch and dinner, tuesday to saturday from 12:00.

In the afternoon, coffee and cake will be served for only 59,-


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 Maj - menu  


Hake in an asparagus creme topped with danish green asparagus


Main course:
Veal fricassee with seasonal vegetables and potatoes 


Danish "rød grød med fløde" which is red porrigde of berries with cream


Price: 299 -

Beer menu for 2: 139,- 


Restaurant in Odense 

- Danish traditional food



On this genuine monastery inn, you will find a wide array of classic danish dishes.

You will find classic danish dishes like Stegt Flæsk and Persillesovs, as well as Æggekage, Hakkebøf med bløde løg and much more. 


If you've been tempted to visit us, take a few moments to browse Our menu.


We look forward to welcoming you.


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The Monastery Inn