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In the city of Odense there is a lot of restaurants. These offer a wide selection of well-prepared dishes and specialties of international cooking.


November 2015, we opened and started cooking traditional Danish food, as we know and love. You can enjoy the delicious dishes in authentic and charming surroundings that will create nostalgia to anyone who is raised with traditional Danish food.


With the antiques and the red and white tablecloths the restaurant is decorated with the best intentions of a homey and cosy time with friends and family because we cherish our restaurant as much as we cherish our dishes and specialties.



Graabrødre Convent is a big part of Odenses history going back to the year of 1279. To create this time warp of ancient traditions, we have collected a lot of inspiration from the convent, which has a location just a few meters away from the restaurant. We have also gathered inspiration from the local brewery Albani and its founder Schiøtz Albani.



The convent on Graabrødre square (Grey brothers)


The old Graabrødre Convent is one of the largest Franciscan convents in the country, which was founded by Erik Klippinge. He gave away his royal farm and its buildings to the monks of the convent. The monastic orders founder – Frans of Assisi – had decided that the monks should be together in joint poverty and they were called Grey Brothers much like the colour of their religious habits.    

At The Monastery Inn we want to remember the story of the convent and to create the perfect authentic atmosphere and there fore you can find old furniture, which once had its place inside the convent. For an example we have in our basement a beautiful old wooden chair. 



Theodor Schiøtz – The founder of Albani

The botanist Theodor Schiøtz founded the proud local Albani brewery of Odense in 1859. Theodor had worked with the idea of becoming a brewer for a long time. He was different from other brewers because he had a huge passion for botany, the nature, poetry and the love of one woman in particular. All of this had an effect on his life and also on the beer he brewed.


Theodore thought of nature as the greatest and most essential on this planet. He thought that nature is created for the people to worship. “We should be inspired by nature and we shall cherish it and grow it”. Especially when he was to those new ingredients for the beer he sought inspiration from nature.


In 2015 Albani chose too launch a whole new series of special beer named after Schiøts. They wanted to honour the fine craftsmanship, the nature and of cause Theodor Schiøtz. Today the Schiøtz series contains four variants of high quality beer, which can all be enjoyed here at the Monastery Inn. 



Danish quality food – from Danish commodities

At Klosterkroen, it is possible to find a wide selection of Danish dishes and you can always enjoy classics as open omelette, crispy pork, minced beef and much more.


We share Theodore Schiøtz’ belief of protecting nature and its creatures. We use Danish cattle, and gourmet pork from Grambogaard in Tommerup. All these animals come from ideal conditions where animal welfare is important and that we believe we can taste! 



The thread of consistency – creating history

In our restaurant you are free to explore and you will find lots of antiques such as the copper pitcher, paintings from the Golden Age and the old wooden chairs that draws you to the nature that Theodore Schiøtz loved so dearly.

At the northern wall of the restaurant you will find old restored photographs that will enlighten you on how this area around the Inn and Graabrødre Convent once looked.


The hunting lounge is decorated with pictures from Albani that shows the development of the brewery and its employers through time. Even Her Majesty Queen Margrethe is in one of them.


In our basement you will find a room meant for larger parties which also inspires and creates memories of Danish history. With its beautiful floors and wine racks it contains some of the most valuable treasures from the Albani brewery.

KLOSTERKROEN is so much more than just a restaurant. It is a place where you can go back in time and explore the Danish history.


We are looking forward to welcoming you in.   



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